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Funding Advisory Network
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Organizations Needs

Funding and grant proposals largely depend on an organization's ability to tell its story. Of course, there are also matters of being prepared, qualified and eligible. Due to the work involved and the intimidating nature of grant processes, many organizations forego applying for potential funding. But ask most any director of small to mid-sized non-profits and they will tell you that funding is an imperative need for their organizations to function well.

The Funding Advisory Network of Dallas-Fort Worth (FAN of DFW) aims to provide valuable, expert service to area non-profits without increasing their workload (which is a detrimental consequence of many leadership and management programs). Organizations that take part in the FAN of DFW program will discover useful aspects of grant proposals and other fundraising, while possibly finding ways to collaborate and share resources with other organizations in the program.

Founder Experience

Mark Lacy, DSRC founder, has worked in fundraising and non-profit management for more than 20 years. He worked on a $360 million university capital campaign and raised about $2 million for small non-profit organizations that provide arts and youth programs. He has additionally received grant funding for research, public history and community improvement programs.

Lacy is extremely experienced as an event producer, having planned hundreds of events in art spaces and university facilities, as well as many city-wide events that presented major artists, including the late Allen Toussaint, the late Joe Sample, legendary artist C.J. Chenier, legendary artist Leo Nocentelli, rising star Trombone Shorty, and many others.

See the program founder's full bio to learn more.

The FAN of DFW program will invite participation of additional experts in non-profit management and funding, as well as community outreach professional from philanthropical corporations and grant-making agencies.

Program Goals

Program goals may expand, but in the current stage, they are:
Advise a network of DFW-area organizations to increase their funding.
Assist organizations in merit-based grant funding processes to achieve excellence.
Help organizations produce narratives to gain support and report on grants.
Educate media and public about the significance of small and mid-sized organizations.
Educate media, public and civic leaders about the need for venues for activities.
Assure potential funders of the program quality of organizations in the network.

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